Golf•e 1.0

Golfe 1.0

Golfe 1.0 is a robotic ball dispenser equipped with the artificial intelligence based algorithms that automatically identify the ball position on any surface, locate the tee, pick up the ball from the grass or a tray and put the ball on the tee automatically whenever the tee is empty, without any involvement of the golfer. A plug-and-play experience that requires only pressing the „Start“ button and the magic happens. With the precise accuracy and attention to detail, our robots can detect various tee types and even the slightest nuances in the tee position to make sure that each ball is correctly placed on the tee, allowing the Customer to focus on the swing and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance without having to bend the knees and put the ball manually on the tee.

One of the key features of our golf robots is their simplicity and the lightweight. They can be easily placed on any golf course, work with any tray and can be moved left or right for left/right handed players or even taken home. No investment in the infrastructure required neither any configuration or installation. 

Comparing to the manual ball positioning, our robots increase the ball consumption on the driving range by up to 80%. More balls hit in the same time mean more revenue for the driving range operator but also accelerated building of the muscle memory of the customers.